What’s in a work?

Tomorrow 09/11, i’ll start my project « What’s in the work, small encouters around the meaning of labour. » – I’ve tested it before, but now, it’s on (thanks to the practical sense of Matthew Searle with a touch of Madeline Bourdenko comments and Dan Peterman’s suggestion).

The idea is to engage into recorded conversations with people on what working means to them.

From these conversations i’ll make a series of leaflets or small books, edited and printed by my not alive nor dead yet publishing house Venus Negra.

I’ll start the project with discussions with everyone who feels like it in experimental station building (and that’s a bunch of people and projects, including City Bureau, Invisible Institute, Southside Weekly, Blackstone bicycle works, Build coffee, LinkUpIL and more…).

Everyone’s welcome tomorrow or wednesday but must contact me via experimentalstation@supergeante.net or DM first.

This is dedicated to Chicago’s hotel workers who are actually on strike, in 25 hotels (included the luxury hotels JW Mariott, the Palmer House Hilton, the Hyatt Regency and the Sheraton Grand). (Here united here local 1 unionists pictured by me, during one of my rare loop walk).