I think i should be in a hurry, but i’m not sure about what yet.

Hyde Park Records - Devanture
Hyde Park Records – Devanture

I’ve been browsing Chicago’s records shops, early this morning, while thinking i should probably try not to pay too much attention on them if i want to stay within my residency budget.

I have dedicated an instagram account to the three forthcoming months.

And i opened this medium blog. I am usually more into free software and self hosted platforms, but this time i thought that having an app attached to my blogging attempt could be a good idea. Because i’m not so good at maintaining a blog of any kind. Not to mention writing articles with any kind of regularity.

I plan to read and review a couple books while counting days until my flight. I’m browsing the Hyde Park Herald website for news and i hope i will find a way to attend the Silver Room block party in Hyde park. I’m trying to figure out what part is considered South side, South Kenwood, East side, Bronzeville or Washington park. I think for now, i’m a bit lost. Someone said that i should watch shameless usa.

I have multiple concerns : do i take one or two weeks of clothes in my suitcase, what kind of books i’ll be missing, do i have everything set on papers level. I also have to tell a bunch of people that i’m on my way.

And i try my best to rest and close all opened work issues. I have to plan some meetings for the days after my arrival.
It is contradictory, i know.


Rest and work.

And, there’s the world cup. I only had time to watch a couple of soccer matchs (but all those of Belgium of course). If interested about the Red devils, please have a look on this Romeo Lukaku’s interview for The player’s tribune.


I have refilled my stock of ventolin. I’m planning to go on a vegetarian and/or healthy diet for three months. Of course, i’ll move my body.

What is good with planning is that you can fill it forever. I’m in my favorite stage of procrastination. I wait.

And while waiting, in between naps and essential documentaries and vlog watching, about Nicolas Tesla or diy electronics, i spend countless hours listening to the Studs Terkel radio archive : https://studsterkel.wfmt.com/.

Studs Terkel

And somebody told me it will have something to do with what is going to happen next.